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Cristín Leach is The Sunday Times Ireland’s longest serving art critic. She has written about art for the paper since 2003. She is a writer and broadcaster, whose short fiction and personal essays have been published in Winter Papers and on RTE Radio 1 (Keywords 2020). Her art writing has also appeared in Irish Arts Review, on RTE.ie, in artist catalogues, and other publications. In 2018, she was shortlisted for Critic of the Year in the Newsbrands Ireland Journalism Awards. In 2021, she was Writer in Residence for the Hearsay International Audio Arts Festival and was elected President of the Irish branch of AICA (Association Internationale des Critiques d’Art).

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The Gilligan Tapes: Ireland’s Most Notorious Crime Boss In His Own Words


Jason O’Toole

In this remarkable book – the first of its kind – journalist Jason O’Toole distills hours of sensational no-holds-barred interviews with feared criminal John Gilligan into a jaw-dropping account of the Irish gangland scene.


September 2023



In this remarkable book – the first of its kind – journalist Jason O’Toole distils hours of sensational face-to-face, no-holds-barred interviews with the feared criminal John Gilligan into a fast-paced and jaw-dropping account of the Irish gangland scene.

Starting out as a petty thief in Dublin, Gilligan rapidly rose to the status of crime lord, mixing with serious criminals such as Martin ‘The General’ Cahill, Christy ‘The Dapper Don’ Kinahan, Patrick ‘Dutchy’ Holland and John ‘The Coach’ Traynor. He was deeply involved with money laundering, miraculously survived an assassination attempt, and it is said he has millions stashed away at a secret location. O’Toole demands answers to all the hard questions; some of Gilligan’s responses will make readers shiver.

Gilligan knew that laying all his cards on the table could mean signing his own death warrant. But he has done it here. And with a cast of all the country’s deadliest underworld figures, this exposé is nothing short of explosive.

About the Author
Born in Dublin, Jason O’Toole has worked as a journalist, columnist, editor and publisher. He was Senior Editor of Hot Press for six years, and his journalism has also appeared in the Irish Daily Mail, The Sunday Times, Irish Independent, La Repubblica, Playboy and Empire. O’Toole is the author of nine books, including The Path to Power: Brian Cowen (2008), Memory Man (with Jimmy Magee, 2012) and the bestselling Crime Ink (2009), an anthology of his in-depth interviews with Ireland’s most notorious criminals.

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