Author Guidelines

Submission of New Book Proposals

Irish Academic Press and Merrion Press welcomes New Book Proposals from all authors, whatever your background or credentials, as we employ a rigorous evaluation process to determine which proposals are suitable for publication, and under which imprint successful submissions will be published. Our main areas of publishing include current affairs, memoirs, biography/autobiography, Irish history, the arts, politics, heritage and culture.

We are not currently accepting submission for fiction.

Proposals should be submitted by email only, to or

We suggest you submit the following:

A cover letter with contact details and a brief author biography, including your particular qualifications to write the book

· A one-page outline of your proposal, highlighting any unique features and why we should publish your book

· Detailed Table of Contents

· 2-3 draft sample chapters (if available; above material will suffice if not available)

Due to the high volume of submissions we receive it is not possible to offer specific feedback on individual proposals, and please allow up to three months for a response. If we feel we’d like to see more, we’ll send you a our New Book Proposal form which will formally request further detailed information about your proposed book, and we will discuss our requirements with you at this stage.