Lost Gaels: Family Testimonies of Members of the GAA Killed During the Conflict in Ireland


‘After the massacre, the GAA became even more important to us as a real sense of identity. It’s difficult to explain but we could cling to it in a sense, and say this is ours, this is us.’

– Claire Rogan, wife of Adrian Rogan, killed by the UVF in the 1994 Loughinisland massacre

The GAA has long been at the heart of Irish life, nurturing our culture and communities and fostering powerful social bonds.

However, as sectarian conflict intensified in the North, the GAA became the object of animosity and surveillance by loyalist paramilitaries and Crown forces. Clubhouses and pitches were occupied by British forces, fans were security checked and harrassed on their way to and from games, and over 150 members were killed.

Lost Gaels is the first comprehensive account of the devastating impact of the Troubles on the GAA, providing a platform for bereaved family and friends to pay homage to their lost loved ones. Capturing the deep connection between the GAA and the everyday lives of Irish people, this is a poignant and powerful tribute to the lives of lost Gaels.