Selected Poems of James Clarence Mangan


Jacques Chuto, Rudolph Holzapfel, Peter Van De Kamp and Ellen Shannon-Mangan (Eds)

This book celebrates the bicentenary of Mangan’s birth. This is the first collection of Mangan’s poems assembled and annotated by the world’s leading authorities on the poet and an ideal introduction to the best work of the poet.

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James Clarence Mangan (1803-1849), the greatest Irish poet before Yeats, was for a long time both famous and unknown. While legends about him prospered after his death, his works remained largely unread. Only recently have his poems been collected by an international team of scholars and published by Irish Academic Press. It is from this four-volume edition that the present selection has been made. Containing upwards of 230 annotated poems, it will provide the general reader with a more complete view of Mangan’s many-faceted genius than has hitherto been available.