George Moore: Dublin, Paris, Hollywood


Conor Montague; Adrian Frazier (Eds.)

With the succes of the film Albert Nobbs (2012), George Moore has re-entered the public consciousness. This collection provides a taste of what George Moore has to offer a modern reader.


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With the success of the film Albert Nobbs (2012), George Moore has re-entered the public consciousness, and interest in his life and work has expanded beyond the confines of academics and lovers of literature.

George Moore was all one would ask for in a man of letters and is a literary giant. An Irish Catholic absentee landlord self-educated within the Parisian cafe culture of the 1870s, Moore was friend to the Impressionists, disciple to Zola, preacher for literary naturalism, self-proclaimed messiah to the Irish revival, and revelatory satirist of those among whom he practiced his vocation.

Moore was courageous, innovative, controversial and iconoclastic. His candour and shamelessness are as refreshing now as they were in his era. As well as contributing to an ever-expanding Moore scholarship, this collection provides a taste of what George Moore has to offer a modern reader.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: George Moore, the Credit Crunch and Cultural Economics by Mark Llewellyn
Chapter 2: George Henry Moore and the Moore Hall During the Famine by Fiona White
Chapter 3: Irish Explorers of the Jordan Rift and the Euphrates Valley in the 1830s: Science, Adventure and Imperialism by Haim Goren
Chapter 4: The Metamorphosis of George Moore by Margaretta D’Arcy
Chapter 5: Lady Gregory, George Moore, and Gathering Folklore by Lucy McDiarmid
Chapter 6: George Moore’s Dana Controversy Revisited: A Plea for an Irish Théâtre Libre? by Dr Michel Brunet
Chapter 7: George Moore and his Dublin Contemporaries: Reputations and Reality by Mary S. Pierce
Chapter 8: Female Vocation and Convent Life in Moore’s Narrative by Mª Elena Jaime de Pablos
Chapter 9: More Moore in Joyce than Joyce in Moore by Mark Corcoran Kelly
Chapter 10: A Class Apart: The Baptism of Stephen Dedalus by Conor Montague
Chapter 11: Moore and Hemingway by Stoddard Martin
Chapter 12: The Dandyism of George Moore by Dr Melanie Grundmann
Chapter 13: George Moore’s Correspondence as Social Practice by Elizabeth Grubgeld
Chapter 14: Innovations and Limitations: George Moore’s use of the Romantic Epiphany in his Victorian Novels by Jayne Thomas
Chapter 15: Albert Nobbs and Company: Introduction to an unpublished reprint of Celibate Lives by Adrian Frazier
Chapter 16: Albert Nobbs – Interview with Glenn Close

About the Author(s)

Conor Montague is a graduate of the NUIG MA Writing and has published in the fields of fiction, non-fiction and theatre.

Professor Adrian Frazier is the author of Behind the Scenes: Yeats, Horniman and the Struggle for the Abbey Theatre; George Moore 1852-1933 and Hollywood Irish: John Ford, Abbey Actors and the Irish Revival in Hollywood.