Women in Ulster Politics 1890-1940


Diane Urquhart

This work concentrates on the suffrage campaign, women’s involvement in unionist and nationalist associations and in municipal and national politics. It uncovers the extent, diversity and significance of women’s political participation.

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In this pioneering study, Urquhart provides a highly detailed, thoughtful disquisition on the gendering of women’s political activity and the historical patterns that developed along sectarian lines very early on in twentieth century Ulster politics. Working on an under-researched area, Urquhart has skilfully uncovered fascinating information about the early women pioneers of public service. She makes great use of an array of sources including minute books, newspapers and autobiographical material to piece together the fragments of these women’s histories.

About the Author

Diane Urquhart is a graduate of the Queen’s University of Belfast and a former postdoctoral fellow of the Institute of Irish Studies at Queen’s.
She is also the author of The Ladies of Londonderry: women and political patronage, 1800-1959 and the co-editor of Coming into the Light: The Work, Politics and Religion of Women in Ulster, 1840-1940, The Irish Women’s History Reader and Irish Women’s History. Prior to joining the Institute, Dr Urquhart worked as a researcher for the Women’s History Project where she contributed to an online resource of sources for Irish Women’s History and edited The minutes of the Ulster Women’s Unionist Council and Executive Committee, 1911-40.