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Turning Points in Twentieth Century Irish History


Thomas E. Hachey (Ed.)

This book provides new insight upon themes from Irish history by acknowledging new approaches to research and writing within the historical discipline. Choice, the academic library journal, named it an Outstanding Academic Title 2011.

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Irish history has always turned on a variety of axes or ‘turning points’, beyond the accounts of high politics.

In acknowledging the profound changes that have shaped new approaches to research and writing within the historical discipline, Irish historiography now embraces not only the re-examination of pivotal events, but also eclectic dimensions that further enrich our understanding of the broader narrative.

This collection explores themes such as: political murders during Ireland’s Revolutionary period, the nature of women’s employment and political activity, Easter Rising, Irish neutrality, and the Northern peace process.

The contributions by leading scholars make this work a remarkable new assessment of modern Irish history. Chosen by the academic library journal, Choice, as an Outstanding Academic Title 2011.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Thomas E. Hachey, Boston College USA
1. Peter Hart, ‘What Did the Easter Rising Really Change?’
2. Anne Dolan, ‘Ending War in a “Sportsmanlike Manner”: The Milestone of Revolution, 1919-’23.’
3. Jason Knirck, ‘Women’s Political Rhetoric and the Irish Revolution.’
4. Maria Luddy, ‘The Problem of Equality: Women’s Activist Campaigns in Ireland, 1920-1940.’
5. Thomas E. Hachey, ‘Nuanced Neutrality and Irish Identity: An Idiosyncratic Legacy.’
6. Enda Delaney, ‘Modernity, the Past, and Politics in Post-War Ireland.’
7. Mike Cronin, ‘“Ireland is an Unusual Place”: President Kennedy’s 1963 Visit and the Complexity of Recognition’.
8. Diarmaid Ferriter, ‘Sex and the Archbishop: John Charles McQuaid and Social Change in 1960’s Ireland.’
9. Tom Garvin, ‘Turmoil in The Sea of Faith: The Secularization of Irish Social Culture, 1960-2007.’
10. Louise Fuller, ‘The Irish Catholic Narrative: Reflections on Milestones.’
11. Gillian McIntosh, ‘Some Fitting and Adequate Recognition: A New Direction for Civic Portraiture
in 19th Century Ireland’s Industrial Capital.’
12. Thomas Hennessey, ‘The Origins of The Peace Process.’

About the Editor

Professor Thomas E. Hachey is University Professor of History and Executive Director of the Center for Irish Programmes at Boston College, USA. He is a co-editor of the Irish Literary Supplement and has served as President of the American Conference of Irish Studies (ACIS).