Timeless Colours: Waterford


Timeless Colours: Waterford celebrates the rich history of the
Déise and its people through the meticulous colourisation of
over 100 stunning images.
From architectural gems like the Dromana Gate to the tranquil
beauty of the River Suir, each iconic image captures the unique
essence of Waterford. Setting out to bring his native county’s
history to life, Ian Hannigan has combined artificial intelligence
technology with historical research to infuse the past with new
Step back in time to the streets of Waterford in a bygone era,
with the imposing Reginald’s Tower standing watch over the
hustle and bustle of the quays. From the striking oldest known
photo of a survivor of The Great Hunger to Countess Markievicz’s
visit to Waterford, the images in this book are of great local and
national significance.
Covering the period 1840 – 1960, Timeless Colours: Waterford
offers a vivid and evocative glimpse into the daily lives of
Waterford’s people during a time of profound transformation.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ian Hannigan is a Waterford native who now lives in Berlin. He works as a designer
and entrepreneur, having started two technology companies, one in Ireland and one in Germany. Ian
started Timeless Colours in 2020 out of a combined passion for cutting-edge technology, design and a
fascination with historical photographs, especially those focused on the rich history of Waterford. You
can follow Ian’s latest work on X, Facebook and Instagram at @timelesscolours.