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The Rivers of Dublin ~ New Revised Edition


Clair Sweeney

November 2017

The Rivers of Dublin is the magnificent new edition of a cherished study of Dublin’s history that ranks as a classic for its stunning illustrations and unparalleled examination of Dublin’s river routes and the ceaseless activity that they inspired.


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The Rivers of Dublin is the new edition of a cherished study; a unique examination of the water routes of Ireland’s capital and the ceaseless activity they enabled and inspired. It proves, in short, that the history of Dublin is that of its rivers.

The rivers, tributaries, and streams that have populated Dublin since its establishment have governed the expansion of the city and its quality of life; over time, many of these water routes have become hidden from view. Clair Sweeney’s work brings the ancient watercourses to the surface once more, breathing life into alternate maps of Dublin – excavating entire societies. Sweeney’s position in the Dublin Corporation’s engineering department gave him unparalleled access to places that most hardly know exist. The Rivers of Dublin, newly updated and beautifully redesigned, is a meticulous study of the watercourses that flow through Ireland’s capital city, serving as a history of those who settled and thrived along their banks.


Table of Contents

  1. Watercourses and Their Environment
  2. The Liffey
  3. The Poddle Network
  4. The Poddle Course of a Thousand Years Ago
  5. The Abbey Stream
  6. The Dodder/Poddle Branch
  7. The Old City Watercourse
  8. The City Water Supply and the Limerick Watercourse
  9. The Glib Water and City Ditch
  10. Coleman’s (Colmany’s) Brook
  11. The Camac Millrace
  12. The Tenter Water and Hangman’s Stream
  13. The Commons Water
  14. The Lakelands Overflow
  15. The Greater Dublin Drainage Scheme
  16. An Underground Tour
  17. The Stein River
  18. The Gallows Stream
  19. The Bradoge River
  20. The Oxmanstown Stream
  21. The Swan River
  22. Dodder River Millraces
  23. The Muckross Stream
  24. The Nutley Stream
  25. The Elm Park Stream and the Trimleston Stream
  26. The Little Dargle River
  27. The Dundrum River
  28. The Castle Stream
  29. The Owendoher River and Whitechurch Stream
  30. The Camac River
  31. The Gallblack Stream
  32. The Glenaulin or Pound Lane Stream
  33. The Phoenix Park Streams
  34. The Tolka River Tributaries
  35. The Scribblestown or Cappoge Stream
  36. The Finglaswood or Mount Olivat Stream
  37. The Finglas River
  38. The Claremont Stream
  39. The Cemetery Drain
  40. The Ballymun Wad Diversion
  41. The Hampstead Stream
  42. The Grace Park and Marino Streams and Two Others Unnamed
  43. The Wad River
  44. The Naniken River
  45. The Santry River
  46. The Blackbanks Stream
  47. The Kilbarrack Stream
  48. The Grange Stream
  49. The Howth Streams
  50. The Offington Stream
  51. The Grays Brook
  52. The Coolcur Brook
  53. The Whitewater Brook
  54. The Balsaggart Stream
  55. The Carrickbrack Stream
  56. The Santa Sabina Stream
  57. The Group of Four Castle Streams, Including the Bloody Stream
  58. Wells of Dublin
  59. The Names Wells of Dublin


About the Author

Clair Sweeney worked for Dublin Corporation and wrote The Rivers of Dublin. In 1988, he was presented with the prestigious Lord Mayor’s Award in recognition of his outstanding achievements on behalf of the city.

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