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The First Toll Roads: Ireland’s Turnpike Roads, 1729-1858


David Broderick

First book on Ireland’s early “turnpikes.” Beginning with why Ireland’s first toll roads, known as turnpike roads, came into existence, it traces from the late medieval period the emergence and development of the principal roads, the basis of the present arterial system.

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This, the first comprehensive study of an Irish turnpike road, represents a major contribution to Irish transport history. The early development of the main highway to the North from Dublin via Swords, Man-Of-War, Balbriggan and Drogheda is detailed and information regarding the legal and financial aspects of its operation as a turnpike road is given. The traffic on the road is studied in depth, and some of the distinguished travellers are named. In addition, the study also details the factors which influenced the fortunes of the road.

About the Author

David Broderick is a civil engineer who worked on the design and construction of roads in many parts of Ireland. He is the author of An early Toll Road, The Dublin – Dunleer Turnpike 1731 – 1855 (Dublin 1996) and was awarded a PhD by Trinity College in 1998 for his work on the Irish turnpike road system.