Shooting Crows: Mass Murder, State Collusion and Press Freedom


Trevor Birney

A shocking exposé of the deadly collusion between the RUC and Loyalist terrorists responsible for the 1994 Loughinisland massacre from bestselling author and Emmy-nominated film producer Trevor Birney.


October 2024

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It’s one of Ireland’s JFK moments. Where were you when Ray Houghton outfoxed the Italian goalkeeper in the 1994 World Cup Finals? Every television in the country was tuned into the match, and The Heights bar in Loughinisland, County Down, was packed with supporters. Two miles down the road, three men with no interest in Ireland’s progress at the World Cup were planning a deadly massacre of innocent people.

Shortly after half-time, wearing boiler suits and balaclavas, they burst through the door and opened fire, spraying bullets indiscriminately. As they fled the scene, George Hamilton’s exhilarated commentary echoed through the room where six men lay dead or dying, with a further five severely injured.

Investigating the collusion between the RUC and Loyalist terrorists behind the attack, journalists Trevor Birney and Barry McCaffrey produced the ground-breaking documentary No Stone Unturned in 2017. This would lead to their arrests in a dawn raid as, rather than pursuing the guilty, the PSNI trained their attention on the journalists who had exposed them.

Drawing from previously unseen evidence, Shooting Crows tells the story of how justice was corrupted to protect police secrets, taking the reader behind the curtain of a State still determined that its sins of the past remain unaccounted for.

1. Can I speak with you in the living room?
2. ‘The Circle’
3. Say Nothing
4. ‘It’s 10 Years’
5. Ceasefire Massacre
6. No Stone Unturned
7. Boyzone have gone to Shit
8. The Damage

About the Author
Trevor Birney is an Emmy-nominated film producer, director and journalist. In 2017 he produced the ground-breaking documentary No Stone Unturned, about the 1994 murder by UVF gunmen of six Catholics in Loughinisland, County Down. Birney’s work resulted in their wrongful arrests by the PSNI, who later paid the producers significant damages. His book Quinn (Merrion Press, 2022) was a bestseller and longlisted for Eason Book of the Year 2022. He produced the 2024 film Kneecap, which won the NEXT Audience Award at Sundance Film Festival.

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