Revolutionary Times Ireland 1913–1923: Ten Years That Forged a Nation


Illustrated coffee-table book chronicling the Irish
revolutionary period, based on the hugely popular RTÉ online
project Century Ireland.


Ireland during the period 1913–1923 was a nation in constant flux.

Spanning a pivotal era marked by the Dublin Lockout, the Easter
Rising, the War of Independence and the birth of the Irish Free
State, Revolutionary Times captures the full complexity of this
transformative decade through contemporary-style reportage,
timelines of key events and insightful essays.

Emanating from the acclaimed RTÉ project, Century Ireland, and
distilling its essence into a captivating print form, Revolutionary
Times is meticulously researched yet accessibly written and
beautifully presented.

Alongside the political upheaval, the book also delves into the
everyday realities of Irish life during this volatile chapter – from
sports and fashion to housing debates and extreme weather.

Offering a rich, nuanced portait of a nation on the brink of a new
dawn, this is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the
tumultuous forces that shaped modern Ireland.