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Irish Women’s History


Diane Urquhart & Alan Hayes (Eds)

Irish Women’s History details the impact of work, religion, politics and gender on the lives of Irish women from medieval to modern times. The broadest time scale in Irish women’s history is covered by a single volume, ranging from the 6th to 20th centuries. This book is the result of a ground-breaking research in a fashionable field.

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This collection presents previously unpublished research on a diverse range of aspects of the lives of women in both the north and south of Ireland and of Irish women living in Britain. The editors’ decision to compile this book arose from their own experiences of researching institutions and witnessing the immense growth and interest in this field. The research is presented in thematic sections on the areas of work, religion, politics and gender, written in a concise style to make it accessible to both the academic and lay reader.  Contributions originate from Ireland (north and south), England, the United States, Australia, and Russia, incorporating academic and independent research, well-known academics within the field of women’s studies and scholars who are embarking upon their career.

About the Editors

Diane Urquhart and Alan Hayes have edited several previous publications on the topic of Irish women and history. Diane Urquhart is a teaching assistant at the School of Modern History at Queen’s University, Belfast, having previously worked as a researcher for BBC Northern Ireland. Alan Hayes is a disability officer at University College, Galway.