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Irish Doctors in the First World War


Patrick Casey, Kevin Cullen, Joe Duignan

April 2015

This unique book records the experiences of Irish doctors who joined the British armed forces and describes their journey from the relative calm of a pre-war medical career to the horrors of the First World War.

It comprehensively records the theatres of war and key campaigns including army, navy and air force, where Irish medics assisted and developed their expertise in caring for the wounded. Irish Doctors is a hugely important record of the Irish doctors who served and fell in the First World War, with a Directory and roll of honour.


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Foreword by Kevin Myers

This lavishly illustrated book records the experiences of Irish doctors who joined the British armed forces and describes their journey from the relative calm of a pre-war medical career to the horrors of the First World War.  Over 240 Irish doctors lost their lives in the conflict, many with no known grave. The courageous and selfless actions of these doctors when assisting their comrades under military fire is explored in a comprehensive yet human account of the key battles and the medical care developed to deal with the aftermath of battle.

The indispensable Directory of Irish Doctors included in this volume is compiled from available records and publications. Each profile contains the name, family details and military record including medals and honours awarded where the information was available.  This record, by its very nature and extent, is a fitting and lasting tribute to the Irish medical personnel who risked everything and gave their lives.

Table of Contents


1. Medical Education and Employment Opportunities in Ireland Prior to the First World War

2. Where and When They Served – Brief Time Line and Geography of the First World war

3. The Evacuation Pathway

4. Irish Doctors at the Western Front

5. Gallipoli and Eastern Mediterranean Campaigns

6. The Eastern Front

7. The Middle East

8. Africa

9. The Way at Sea

10. The Home Front in Ireland

11. Life at the Front

12. Medical Care During the First World War

13. Profiles in Gallantry

14. Memorials To the Irish War Dead

15. After The War

16. Appendices ~ Abbreviations and Acronyms, List of Auxilary Hospitals, List of Entertainers, Hospitals Ships and Hospital Trains Arriving into Dublin 1914-1919

Roll of Honour in Irish Doctors who Died During the First World War

PART II: Directory of Irish Doctors Who Served in the First World War

About the Authors

Patrick Casey is a founding member of the Medal Society of Ireland. He is a life-long military medal collector with a keen interest in the profiles of those awarded military honours. Pat has written numerous articles on the history of Irish Regiments, their insignia, uniforms and awards.

Kevin Cullen is  retired geologist and past President of the Institute of Geologists of Ireland. He compiled and self-published the World War One Roll of Honour for County Monaghan, his native county, in 2010.

Joe Duignan is a retired surgeon and former Council Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. He has lectured on the nature and treatment of wounds and diseases of past military campaigns from the Crimea to World War Two, and on the medical advances during this period.