Fugitive: The Michael Lynn Story


The True Story of the Epic Hunt to Bring One of Ireland’s Most Notorious Fugitives to Justice

Michael O’Farrell


March 2024


Fugitive: The Michael Lynn Story is a fast-paced and thrilling journey into the mind of a reluctant fugitive brought down by his own insatiable greed. This is investigative journalism at its most compelling, placing the reader at the heart of the relentless global manhunt for fugitive Irish lawyer Michael Lynn and his stolen millions, and the trials that saw him finally brought to justice.

Facing accusations of massive fraud in 2007, Lynn boards a flight at Dublin Airport and vanishes. With him goes all trace of the millions he secured from Irish banks and clients. Millions more, entrusted to Lynn by everyday investors for dream holiday homes abroad, is also missing. A month later, dogged investigative journalist Michael O’Farrell is on his tail, tasked with tracking Lynn down.

From the Algarve to the Black Sea and beyond, O’Farrell pursues his prey until he finally corners Lynn, who agrees to speak to him. However, Lynn continues to avoid the Irish authorities, even spending five years in a hellish Brazilian prison fighting extradition. Now, sixteen years after he first went on the run, he is finally being brought to justice.

This is a truly extraordinary tale of tension-filled encounters involving shadowy fixers, violent Mafia villains, international law organisations, suited, corporate crooks, and the man who thought he could outsmart them all, Michael Lynn.

Praise for Fugitve 

‘A story with so many twists and turns it reads like a thriller – yet is very real. Brilliantly researched and insightfully told.’ – Matt Cooper

‘O’Farrell excavates layers of irony, pathos and comedy as he tracks down the fraudster and fugitive Michael Lynn. A thrilling read.’ – Trevor Birney

‘Compelling … an impressive unpicking of Michael Lynn’s crooked world.’ – Andrew Lynch, Sunday Business Post

‘This book – you’d eat it…It reads like a thriller. It’s fascinating.’ – The Mick Clifford Podcast

‘A complex and very exciting tale.’ – Pat Kenny

‘A powerful and gripping read’ – Talk Radio Europe

‘A great read. Captivatingly written and brilliantly depictive.’ – Alan Shatter

‘Thrilling.’ – Irish Mail on Sunday

‘A fascinating story – the book is fabulous.’ – Nicola Tallant, Sunday World

‘The book is thoroughly enjoyable. It would make a great movie. The hardest thing you have to do is remind yourself, every ten or twenty pages, this is true. It’s a great piece of work…Harlan Coben couldn’t write the twists and turns in this book…It’s well worth a read.’ – PJ Coogan, 96 FM

‘An amazing and remarkable story. Some of the facts are mind-blowing.’ – John Breslin, Highland Radio

‘Gripping story grippingly told. I couldn’t put it down and was sorry when it ended. Great stuff.’ – Colm Keena,  journalist at The Irish Times

‘O’Farrell’s story is a classic which makes for riveting reading.’ – Currency Podcast
‘It is hard to imagine that there will be a better book shining light into the darkest corners of this small, occasionally corrupt country in 2024 … pacy, sharp, comprehensively detailed
and exemplary.’ – Irish Examiner


Michael O’Farrell is an investigative journalist who was born in Los Angeles in 1974 and grew up in the Irish midlands. A journalist for over two decades, he has reported widely on matters of public interest from across the globe and at home. A graduate of Trinity College and Dublin City University, he began his career in the Irish Examiner before joining The Irish Mail on Sunday where he is currently the paper’s Investigations Editor. In November 2023 he was named Campaigning Journalist of the Year at the Irish Journalism Awards for his work with whistleblowers, and he also took home the Feature Journalist of the Year award. In previous years he has been named Investigative Journalist of the Year, Business Journalist of the Year, News Analysis Writer of the Year and has also won the Scoop of the Year category. A keen fly fisherman, Michael lives in rural Ireland with his wife and four children.