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Exile, Emigration, and Irish Writing


Patrick Ward

Exile, Emigration and Irish Writing is the first book to analyze the experience of exile and emigration in Irish writing. It traces the origin of the concept of exile from Columcille and early Christian Ireland through the centuries to the present. In tracing the origins, mutations and representations of exile and emigration, the author draws on modern post-colonial theory to contribute to the re-reading of Irish writing that is now under way.

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Table of Contents

The Concept of Exile: Critical Constructions
Exile in the Irish Language Tradition and in the English Language
Tradition prior to the Famine
Nationalist Constructions: Famine and Fenianism Feelings and Forms
Holy Ireland: Constructions, Omissions, Evasions, Resistance
Exile, Art, and Alienation: George Moore’s Irish Writings
The Exiles Write Back: Artists, Escape, Representations and Exilic Studies