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Art and the National Dream: Search for Vernacular Expression in Turn-of-the-century Design


Nicola Gordon Bowe (Ed.)

This book consists of richly illustrated essays which explore aspects of romanticism in art, architecture and design. North America, England, Russia, Norway, Finland, Japan, Poland, Hungary and Ireland are represented by pioneering experts working in a rich field of ongoing research.

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The reforming influence of Utopian socialism on aspirations towards a recognizable cultural identity and political independence was expressed in a variety of intriguingly analogous national forms and images. As each nation sought the roots of its own culture at the turn of the century, a powerful, often eclectic, visual vocabulary developed which was inspired by folk, native and traditional art, language, literature, music and architecture as well as by heroic periods in the history or mythology of the nation.

About the Editor

Nicola Gordon Bowe lectured, advised on and curated exhibitions, and published and reviewed extensively on 19th century, 20th century and contemporary art, design and the applied and decorative arts and crafts. She was Associate Fellow at the Faculty of Visual Culture, NCAD (NUI), visiting Professor at the School of Art and Design Research Institute at the University of Ulster and an Honorary Research Fellow to the University of Wales.