Ireland’s Protected Predator: My Story of Surviving Bill Kenneally’s Reign of Terror and How He Evaded Justice for Decades


Jason Clancy with Saoirse McGarrigle

The true story of Jason Clancy’s horrific abuse at the hands of prolific paedophile and Fianna Fáil activist Bill Kenneally.


September 2024 

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Through the eyes of one of convicted paedophile Bill Kenneally’s many victims, Ireland’s Protected Predator takes readers on a harrowing journey through his brutal reign of terror.

This shocking story explores the former basketball coach and Fianna Fáil activist’s warped obsession with handcuffs and how he blackmailed powerless children into silence by threatening to circulate Polaroid images taken during these depraved attacks. Masquerading as a respected member of the community, he escaped justice for more than three decades with the help of many in our society who are meant to protect us.

Jason Clancy recounts his journey from his traumatised teenage years to successfully campaigning for a Commission of Investigation to examine how Bill Kenneally was allowed to continue roaming the streets preying on innocent boys decades after admitting to torturing them.

For the first time, this book delves into the more sinister question of how Bill Kenneally escaped justice for decades – and whether the those in authority positions were complicit in covering up his crimes.


 Jason Clancy endured years of sexual abuse at the hands of Bill Kenneally during the 1980s. He found the strength to make a report to Gardaí in 2012, igniting the criminal investigation which led to a prosecution. Since Bill Kenneally’s sentencing in 2016, Jason has successfully campaigned for a public inquiry to expose the authorities who should have stopped Kenneally sooner. He is a married father of four and lives in County Waterford.

 Saoirse McGarrigle is a journalist. She has worked with RTÉ News, the Irish Mirror and a number of different local media organisations. She is currently doing a PhD at the School of Law and Government in DCU. Saoirse, together with Jason, investigated and pursued this story for almost 10 years. She is a mother of three and lives in Wexford with her children.